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Great company culture comes from tighter relationships within your team

Follow Company helps you to organise all employee answers. Automated emails are divided into three categories that you can easily read through and give a like to best replies.

Progress every week

Every Monday people receive a question about what are they doing right now. They can shortly describe their plan for upcoming week or review work from previous one.

Improve routines

In the middle of the week there is a perfect time for asking about a delicate stuff. Learn what your employees think about the company, the management, the culture, etc. People can choose to send a private answer to you.

Know each other

Weekend is coming! Don’t bother people with some hard to answer questions. Learn something new about each other, share tips for great books or movies and create a strong connection.

A friendly way to manage employees

Own questions

Ask about things which are happening within your team right now.

Activity feed

This is what employees will use instead of Facebook to kill their free time.

Custom intervals

Do you want ask some questions every week and ohters only once a time? You can easily set it up as you wish.

Slack integration

Does your company use Slack? You can sign up using your existing Slack account and import all your employees with no effort.

New features

... are on the way

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